Closing the Cold Chain

A Seamless Journey from Transport to Storage

With 40 years of experience innovating redundant bio transport, Tobin Scientific has applied its technologies and best practices to the storage, monitoring, and documentation in its biorepository facility. We offer the utmost in redundant layers of protection, ensuring the integrity of samples in our custody as we expand on our growing reputation as the premiere choice in cold chain storage.

At Tobin Scientific our focus is on redundant operation and notification. The backup generator for the bio is also backed up by a second redundant generator and we have a contract for a portable Kohler generator to be available if needed. To top that off, we also own dual generator trailers that could be used in emergency as well. This gives us five power options to keep our biorepository up and running (A/C, Generator 1, Generator 2, Emergency Generator, Tractor Trailers).

Our alarm notifications have redundant paths out of our building in Beverly, Mass. We have Internet based email notifications as well as cellular SMS notifications. To be sure our personal are notified when an alarm takes place, these outputs are sent to our 24-hour answering service who will call our employees on the phone to wake them during the night. To back all that up, our monitoring system’s alarm output is also connected to our building alarm system, so we are also called by them when an alarm happens.


Environmental Monitoring System

  • IQ / OQ Validated
  • cGMP / cGLP Compliant
  • Wireless System
  • NIST traceable calibrations
  • Redundant paths of Alarm notification to ensure contact of an event
  • Can be accessed remotely, even from a Smart Phone

Electrical System

  • 110 volt and 220-volt service readily available.
  • Backed up by dual generators with automatic transfer for zero downtime.
  • Each generator can supply enough amperage to run the Biorepository on its own, including the A/C system and supporting computers.


  • Provide Redundant Power
  • Instantly switches between utility power and the 2 redundant generators

Automatic Transfer Switch

  • Automatically identifies a utility power failure and switches to the next generator
  • Eliminates potential for human error
  • Second Automatic Transfer Switch controls the dual generators for a seamless transfer of power between each

HVAC Control System

  • Maintains optimum operating temperature for freezers and ambient products, year-round.
  • Power is backed up by dual generators.
  • Emergency air exhaust in event of excessive heat build-up.


  • Dedicated dock used only by the Biorepository

LN2 freezers

  • LN2 tanks are supplied for back up
  • Oxygen sensors keep personnel safe
  • Electrical backup

Back-up Fridge / Freezer units

  • Freezer units available inside the Biorepository to provide back up for each type of freezer in the Biorepository.
  • Back-up units are maintained at a temperature in case of emergency transfer of samples
  • Refrigerators / freezers include, -20c Freezers,
    -80c Freezers, +4c Refrigerator

Emergency Backup Team

  • Personnel are available 24/7 to respond quickly to any problems that may occur
  • Each employee is trained in proper emergency procedures

Facility Features

  • Temperature controlled
  • Enclosed area with secured access.
  • Video monitored for immediate and archival documentation
  • Onsite bio repository manager

Our success is built on a chain of custody, four-stage redundant power and a three-way notifications system.

Utility power is backed up by a redundant generator, which is, in turn, backed up with a second redundant generator, ensuring that power is never interrupted. Combined with our onsite, patent-pending redundant generator trailers, we are the only repository to offer four sources of electricity to support any emergency or contingency plan.

Our monitoring and notification system is built with redundant paths out of our facility, with communications via email, phone and SMS

Our fleet of mobile repository redundant generator trailers, with patent-pending technologies, make us the only provider who can seamlessly move running chambers, full of product, over long or short distances, from your lab to our biorepository, while monitoring and documenting temperature graphs for auditing and compliance. While other services are required to transfer to dry ice, our system eliminates all transfer of risk, as biological substances never leave a temp controlled and monitored freezer. It also ensures no commingling of samples.

With four decades of experience in innovating the way life science moves, we offer the unparalleled expertise, education and guidance required to protect the life’s work of preeminent researchers, and to ensure the investments in the future made by leading life science research and pharmaceutical organizations.

Emergency Response

Our 24/7 emergency response team and customized trailer units provide a mobile repository option for any contingency, ranging from:

  • Power outages
  • Inclement weather
  • Scheduled events
  • Routine maintenance of cold rooms
  • Construction build-outs
  • Need for additional capacity

Our mobile repository can be stored onsite at the customer’s location, or transported and unloaded into the Tobin Scientific repository.

Schedule your emergency response and contingency consultation today.

Patent: US10, 551, 115 B2



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