Life Sciences specialist transport and storage services

Empowering life sciences with comprehensive, tailored solutions
We partner with leading life sciences companies engaged in groundbreaking research and development. Our comprehensive services bolster vital work, and ensure the unique needs of every lab and operation are fully met. 
Areas of service include:
ULT Transport & Mobile Cold Rooms
Offsite Ambient Warehousing
GMP Storage & Cold Rooms
White Glove Install & Calibration
Critical Spare & Emergency Response

Life Sciences clients

Tobin Scientific has partnered with the top Academic and Research institutions of the US for more than two decades
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Tobin has very good planning for large projects. They also have some very senior members who supervise and coach the newer employees. Additionally they’ve given us offsite storage options which improve our capabilities. What surprised me the most about Tobin has been their consistent ability to scale up to large project events when necessary while still serving their other daily commitments.

Richard DiOrio
Sr. Dir, Facility Engineering Astellas Pharma

The continuous argument within our academic procurement office was worth the battle. In the end, having Tobin Scientific relocate our laboratory saved us time, provided ample security and allowed us to get back on research track in record time. Thank you!“

Vadim Khaychuk
PhD at Bristol Myers Squibb

Tobin was already a preferred vendor when I began working for Lahey and I’ve always appreciated Tobin’s problem-solving abilities and thoroughness with every job. The crews are always well coordinated and understand how to work with any type of equipment that needs to be moved. The main reason I would recommend them is simply that I never have to worry about a project when Tobin is doing the move.

John Navarro
Project Manager Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Why Tobin Scientific?

Why Tobin Scientific?

Safest handling of biological material
Tobin Scientific is known industry-wide as the vanguard of multi-redundant GDP and QMS systems for care, custody, and control in biotransport and storage.
Tailored solutions for life sciences
We provide a one-stop solutions encompassing an array of mission-critical support services. This breadth of coverage simplifies operations and allows life sciences companies to focus on their core work. Please reach out to let us know exactly what you need.
Quality and compliance
Tobin Scientific deploys trained and certified teams and technicians under strict guidelines and with all the necessary special permits. We take quality and compliance very seriously and fully support all customer needs (21 CFR Part 11, and more).

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