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Our Tobin Scientific team is comprised of approximately one hundred dedicated individuals, spread across the country, each fulfilling a crucial role in sustaining the pace and precision of our operations and services. This includes our committed drivers, who guarantee safe and punctual transport, the proficient professionals at our headquarters, and the expert teams executing on-site procedures in our warehouses, biorepositories, and client locations. Every member of our team contributes to our shared mission.

Executive Leadership

Brian Tobin

Brian is the Chief Executive Officer of Tobin Scientific, a national leader in life science services. He has overseen the company's consistent growth, including the launch of multiple new business lines and build out of senior management.

Brian is passionate about serving Tobin Scientific's diverse range of clients, from innovative biotech startups to respected Principal Investigators and industry leaders. He is particularly proud to carry on the Tobin family legacy of providing high-quality service to the life science community.

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Brian started working for Tobin at a young age, helping out on the company's trucks and in the field. After graduating from college, Brian worked as an adjunct professor of accounting and economics and a college basketball coach. He returned to Tobin Scientific in 2013, working his way up through the ranks, eventually becoming CEO in 2015.

Brian holds a BA from the University of Massachusetts and a M.Ed. from Endicott College, and proudly serves on the board of multiple organizations including Life Science Cares.

Erik Groszyk
Chief Operating Officer

Erik is COO of Tobin Scientific. Erik has a successful track record of rapidly deploying commercial sites, and implementing software and automation solutions at scale. Erik began serving as a Senior Advisor to the company in 2022, before joining full-time a year later. He has managed operations, and supported the development of proprietary software and hardware at multiple venture-backed companies, including Zordi (Khosla Ventures) and Plenty (SoftBank). Erik’s career began as an investment banking analyst at Torreya Partners, where he focused on Healthcare. Erik holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard College.

Jillian Bernard, CPA
Vice President of Finance

Jillian is the VP of Finance at Tobin Scientific, bringing over 15 years of experience in various finance and accounting roles. She previously held leadership positions at SIONYX, Rue Gilt Groupe, and American Renal Associates, with significant contributions to their financial accuracy, strategy, and success. Jillian earned her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Accounting from Bentley University.

Nikky Sunyar
Vice President of Sales

Nikky manages and oversees our sales team. She brings over 19 years of sales and service expertise across life sciences, environmental, and chemical and hazardous materials. Previous to joining Tobin, Nikky was a District Sales Director at Clean Harbor and a Technical Services Manager at Triumvirate.

She earned her BA in Biology from Merrimack College.

Sales and Customer Success Team

Rich Giordano
Project Manager

With over 20 years of experience at Tobin, Rich is a highly seasoned expert in laboratory relocation, principal investigator support, and more. Collaborating closely with both operations and customer stakeholders, he delivers tailored solutions for projects of any size. Rich's impeccable reputation within the industry is built upon trusted, long-term relationships he maintains with clients.

Zack Newman
Account Executive

Zack's extensive experience in life science services, spanning roles as crew lead and project manager, grants him an in-depth understanding of laboratory relocations, transportation of biological material, and the installation and management of capital equipment. With a strong network of industry contacts and a commitment to staying current, he consistently delivers exceptional results for our clients.

Joshua Jones
Director of Enterprise Accounts

Joshua Jones is our Director of Enterprise Accounts at Tobin. Joshua has extensive previous experience in life science sales and account management. His dedication to fostering strong client relationships and his innate ability to understand the complex needs of our industry's key players have made him an invaluable asset.

Michael Walsh
Project Manager

Mike is a Project Manager at Tobin Scientific, where he spearheads new technologies and processes to best serve our clients. He has over 15 years of experience in project management and logistics, and previously was a Manager at Clean Harbors Environmental Services.

Finance Team

Kathleen Raimo
Senior Director of Finance

Kathleen serves as the Senior Director of Finance at Tobin Scientific, bringing a wealth of experience from her nearly ten-year tenure with the company. Prior to joining Tobin in 2013, Kathleen honed her financial acumen as an Accounting Manager.

Renay Coppola
Finance and Administrative Manager

Renay serves as a Finance and Administrative Manager at Tobin, where she expertly handles Accounts Payable and other functions. Leveraging her decades in experience in insurance claims, she plays a crucial role in streamlining Tobin's financial operations.

Molly Greenberg
Finance Manager

Molly is a Finance Manager at Tobin Scientific, where she interfaces with key clients and our sales team to ensure efficient and accurate billing and account management. She earned her doctorate in OT and, reflective of her team-oriented mindset, was captain of her college basketball team.

Operations Team

David Hamilton
Sr. Director of cGMP Warehousing & Lab Asset Management

David Hamilton is our Senior Director of cGMP Warehousing and Lab Asset Management. A recognized industry leader, David drives operational enhancement and growth through his extensive knowledge of cGMP guidelines and their applications. Previously, he held senior warehouse operations roles at leading companies, including Oxford Biomedica Solutions.

Craig Goldsmith
Vice President of Logistics

Craig serves as a VP of Logistics at Tobin Scientific. Since joining the team in 1985, he has been instrumental in spearheading a myriad of transport and logistic projects, both in Massachusetts and across the country. His leadership and extensive experience have been invaluable in maintaining Tobin's reputation for excellence in logistics operations.

Mark Young
Vice President of Operations

Mark is a VP of Operations at Tobin Scientific, leading various operational initiatives and drawing from over a decade of diverse experience. Prior to Tobin, Mark made significant contributions to Emulate, where he spent over six years managing and optimizing biotech facility operations. He is a graduate of Wayne State College, and outside of his professional endeavors, he cherishes family time and nurtures a passion for sailing.

Brian Fox
Senior Director of Warehousing

Brian is the Senior Director of Warehousing at Tobin Scientific. Having joined Tobin Scientific in 2004, Brian's commitment and in-depth knowledge of warehousing have been instrumental in driving the success and efficiency of our storage solutions.

Heather O'Hare
Senior Director of Logistics

Heather is the Senior Director of Logistics at Tobin Scientific, a role she stepped into after amassing a wealth of experience in national logistics and operations management. Her journey with Tobin began back in 2006 when she first served as Operations Manager for over seven years, marking the beginning of her significant contributions to the organization.

Butch Burke
Senior Director of Operations

Butch has been an integral part of the Tobin team for many years, serving as a dispatcher and laboratory relocation expert. His deep understanding of our operations, hands-on moving experience, and meticulous attention to detail have been critical to our growth and success.

John Felizardo
Director of Fleet Maintenance

John is our Senior Director of Fleet Maintenance and manages Tobin's fleet operations team. His technical expertise, coupled with his years of experience, ensures our vehicles are always in top condition and plays a pivotal role in Tobin's success, safety, and reliability.

Brett DiBenedetto
Warehouse Operations Manager

Brett is the Associate Director of Operations at Tobin Scientific, where he plays a pivotal role in managing the field & fleet teams. His expertise extends to overseeing various sites and mentoring new site managers, as well as ensuring operational excellence across the board. Prior to Tobin Scientific, Brett served as a General Manager at Yard House Boston.

Meghan Windler
Executive Assistant

As Tobin Scientific's Executive Assistant, Meghan manages our Boston HQ and offers vital support to our executives and senior leaders. Her background includes roles as an executive assistant and a management trainee at Enterprise. Meghan is a graduate of Plymouth State, where she played varsity soccer.

Steven Brown
Site Lead

Steve is a Site Lead at Tobin Scientific. He’s been vital to enhancing operations for the storage of diverse array of capital equipment and oversees multiple warehouses across Massachusetts.

Chris DeMartinis
Site Lead & Biorepository Manager

Chris is a Site Lead & Biorepository Manager at Tobin Scientific. He previously served in the US Army, where he honed his skills in operations management and intelligence, and graduated from Nichols College.

Rohan Dhakne
Project Manager

Rohan manages technology implementation upgrades and other projects. With prior intern experience and current Coop Team leadership, his dedication is evident. He holds a master's in Project Management from Northeastern University and a bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Joey Carnevale
Facilities Coordinator

Joey is a Facilities Manager at Tobin Scientific. He excels in managing the needs of diverse sites including GMP facilities, biorepositories, cold rooms, and more.

Anthony DiFonte
GMP Site Manager

Anthony, a GMP Site Manager at Tobin Scientific, meticulously enforces strict adherence to technical documentation and SOP's, ensuring utmost client satisfaction across our sites.

Quality and Cold Chain Team

Julia Bushell
Head of Quality

Julia is the Head of Quality at Tobin Scientific, leveraging her rich experience in quality and engineering management. Prior to joining Tobin, Julia worked at The Azzur Group for over four years in various roles and before that was a Manager at Anheuser-Busch. She holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from Tufts University and a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

CJ Boardman
Director of Biorepository

CJ serves as our Director of Biorepository at Tobin, bolstered by an extensive tenure exceeding 22 years with the company. Starting as a driver equipped with a Class A CDL, Hazmat endorsement, CJ's expertise extends to calibrations, validations, and biorepository management. His unique skill set, much of it honed originally during his 4 years in the United States Air Force, renders him an indispensable asset to our team.

Emily Leclerc
Senior Manager - Quality Operations

Emily is the Senior Manager of Quality Operations at Tobin Scientific. Before Tobin, she worked at Biogen as a Facilities Engineer and was a consultant at Azzur Group. Emily holds a Bachelor's in Biochemistry from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is currently pursuing a Master's in Engineering Management at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Samatha Cominelli
Quality Manager

Sam serves as a Quality and Biorepository Manager at Tobin Scientific. In her dual capacity, she oversees the stringent quality control processes that keep our operations in line with industry standards and regulations, while also managing our kitting services.

The Co-op Team

Dhaval Bansidhar Tanna
Project Manager
Vedant Pandey
Project Manager

Marketing Team

Rebecca Seligstein
Marketing Lead – Consultant

Rebecca is a seasoned marketing professional with 15+ years of experience in brand marketing, research and project management, and strategic planning. She possesses deep expertise in marketing strategy and has a proven track record of driving growth and creating impactful campaigns.

Brianna Fernandes
Marketing Manager

Brianna Fernandes is our Marketing Manager at Tobin. She has much experience and knowledge in marketing across diverse industries. She is focused on elevating our brand with data-driven marketing initiatives.

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