Laboratory Relocation

Tobin Scientific is America's leading laboratory relocation expert, with over 10,000 successful life science moves. Our top-notch project management and execution covers one-day moves within a building to the largest, multi-month transitions across cities, states, and countries.
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Most experienced team in the nation; the safest way to handle all technical aspects of a science move, customized to you

Expertise and Experience

Tobin Scientific offers unparalleled expertise in laboratory relocations. We have an intimate understanding of the unique challenges that come with handling delicate and valuable scientific equipment and materials, ensuring a smooth transition for your laboratory. Our own fleet of trucks, specialized equipment, and patented generator trailers all meet the stringent cGMP/cGLP standards. Furthermore, we possess the necessary permits to securely transport any class of equipment or material including hazardous. Our team, characterized by its high level of skill, experience, and shared purpose, is dedicated to delivering impeccable execution for all your relocation needs.

Complete Project Management & Execution

As a single-source provider, Tobin Scientific services are designed to encompass all facets of the largest and most technical relocations. We are more than just project managers; we are executors who take control, using our own trucks, specialized equipment, and highly-trained professionals. While we have the ability to manage external vendors if required, the power of our offering lies in our in-house capabilities: a streamlined process, from start to finish, providing you with unmatched efficiency, reliability, and results.

Strategic Expansion Partner

Tobin Scientific's expertise in laboratory relocations is backed by robust credentials, achieved through strict standards and a track record of success. We are particularly known for our exceptional service, transparent pricing, and meticulous care of all your valuable assets. Our proficiency extends beyond laboratory relocation and cold transport into a wider range of life science services. Choosing to partner with Tobin Scientific means aligning with a team you can trust, and more importantly, a team you can grow with in many capacities.

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