Expert Logistics and Storage Solutions for the Biopharma Industry

Tobin Scientific provides biopharma companies with a full range of bespoke services for cold-chain transportation and storage.
Tobin Scientific provides biopharma services with proprietary GMP storage facilities, cold chain logistics across the United States, white glove services and a track record of working with sensitive pharmaceutical products.
Areas of service include:
GMP and cGMP storage
Clinical trial delivery
Vaccine storage and distribution
Col chain logistics
Freezer calibration
Emergency Response

Biopharma clients

Tobin Scientific has partnered with the top Academic and Research institutions of the US for more than two decades
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Tobin has very good planning for large projects. They also have some very senior members who supervise and coach the newer employees. Additionally they’ve given us offsite storage options which improve our capabilities. What surprised me the most about Tobin has been their consistent ability to scale up to large project events when necessary while still serving their other daily commitments.

Richard DiOrio
Sr. Dir, Facility Engineering Astellas Pharma

Why Tobin Scientific?

Why Tobin Scientific?

Compliant GMP Storage Facilities
Tobin Scientific's CGMP Storage Facilities set the industry standard. With rigorous adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices, our facilities ensure your pharmaceutical products are stored under the most stringent conditions. State-of-the-art cold rooms provide the necessary environment to preserve the integrity and efficacy of your sensitive biopharmaceuticals.
Precision Temperature Control for Critical Shipments
End-to-end cold chain logistics services ensure that your temperature-sensitive products are meticulously managed from pickup to delivery. Utilizing advanced monitoring technologies and customized solutions, we maintain the critical temperatures required for your products, safeguarding their quality throughout the transport process.
Ensuring pharmaceutical samples integrity and compliance
Tobin Scientific's advanced cGMP storage facilities integrate robust security and access control, precise temperature and humidity, QMS systems with 21 CFR Part 11-compliancy, and more. We provide secure, dependable storage and service for a wide array of biopharma products.

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