Lab Asset Management

Tobin Scientific streamlines asset and inventory management, ensuring operational efficiency, cost savings, and compliance for life sciences laboratories through tailored and comprehensive solutions.
cold chain illustrationA diagram of the cold chain temperatures available
cold chain illustration

Optimize laboratory efficiency with tailored inventory solutions

Storage Services & Asset Management

Ensure the integrity of your surplus assets with our advanced ambient storage facility. Our temperature-controlled environment guarantees optimal conditions for your sensitive equipment and materials. With constant humidity monitoring, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets are stored in an ideal climate to preserve their quality and functionality.

Inventory management services

Simplify your laboratory inventory management with Tobin Scientific's comprehensive services. Our expert team will track and manage your inventory down to the pallet or box level, providing precise visibility and control. Say goodbye to inventory headaches and ensure efficient asset utilization.

Efficient logistics services

Tobin Scientific offers seamless asset delivery to your doorstep, ensuring that you have the necessary equipment and materials precisely when you need them. Whether you require urgent supplies or seamless asset transfers between locations, our dedicated logistics team will handle it all, guaranteeing a timely and hassle-free experience.

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Asset Management
  • Real-time tracking of laboratory equipment and consumables
  • Asset lifecycle management from procurement to disposal
  • Track and avoid expiration dates for GMP material

Inventory Control
  • Automated inventory tracking and restocking
  • Integration with procurement systems for seamless order management
  • Detailed inventory reports and analytics
Support & Customization
  • Tailored solutions for the specific needs of your laboratory
  • Dispatch of rep to client site as necessary to perform inventory
  • Services for shared lab space or a large scale research lab

Case study

Seamless Warehouse Conversion

Tobin provided comprehensive warehouse and storage solutions for a client.