History & Mission

Tobin Scientific: 40 years of experience moving life sciences forward
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What began as a humble family moving business in Boston has since evolved into an integrated provider of comprehensive life science services.

Today, we take great pride in operating our own national fleet of trailers, strategically managing a network of warehouses across key locations, and leading highly skilled field and tech teams.

A brief history


Tobin founded by Gerald Tobin


Kevin Tobin appointed CEO


Established life science division of Tobin Scientific


First life science contract with Genzyme


Tobin Scientific division is created to serve Universities and Labs


Investment in original cold transport fleet


Massachusetts site/warehouse expansion


First patents established, laying groundwork for our ULT generator trailers


Brian Tobin is appointed CEO; biorepository business is established


Expands to turnkey services provider of all life sciences operations

The Tobin Legacy

Standing on the shoulders of giants: these are the founders and key people behind Tobin Scientific.
We would not be here today without them.
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Gerald Tobin
Gerald Tobin, the esteemed founder and patriarch of Tobin, made significant contributions as a visionary businessman on the North Shore. His entrepreneurial prowess led to the establishment of a highly regarded moving and storage company, which grew to become one of the largest and most respected in the Northeast, as well other successful businesses. Gerald’s foresight paved the way for the company’s successful transition into the life sciences industry, where it has thrived as a leader known for its expertise. His enduring legacy continues to shape the company’s trajectory and inspire its ongoing success.
Kevin Tobin
Kevin Tobin, son of Gerald Tobin, served as the visionary CEO and leader of Tobin Scientific for three decades, leaving an indelible mark on Tobin Scientific. Under his tenure, he skillfully built out the life sciences division, which has become the core engine of the company’s growth and services. Kevin’s expertise extended to patenting specialized trailers for the safe transport of biological materials. As a forever advisor, he continues to provide invaluable guidance and support, consistently driving the business forward.
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Brian Tobin
Brian is the CEO of Tobin Scientific, and a proud third generation leader of the business. He has overseen the company's consistent growth where he exemplifies a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Brian's unwavering dedication to Tobin Scientific is deeply ingrained in his character. Since his 2015 appointment as CEO, his strong business insight and initiative have helped maintain Tobin's legacy and drive its growth. He successfully expanded the team and services, positioning Tobin Scientific as a leading life science industry service provider.
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Cathy J Tobin
Cathy Tobin dedicated over 17 years of her life to Tobin, where her leadership and unwavering commitment played a pivotal role in the company’s success. Notably, she led the finance operations and made significant contributions to various aspects of the business. Known for her selflessness, sense of humor, and deep love for her family, Cathy’s presence brought joy and warmth to all. Her legacy is cherished and remembered fondly on our ever growing fleet by her initials CJT.

Our Mission - and vision for the future

Our mission is to help clients be at the forefront of the Life Sciences industry, constantly innovating to support the complex operation and logistics in the ever-changing landscape of biotechnology.
We are constantly expanding our services to meet our clients’ present and future needs.
Decades of experience specialized in Life Sciences ops

Tobin Scientific is led by a seasoned team with more than 40 years of experience serving the top companies and life sciences institutions. Our team members are licensed and trained in the transportation of hazardous materials. We rely exclusively on our highly skilled, full-time employees who are unified in purpose, to ensure a complete chain of custody, continuity, and flawless execution

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Freezers for biorepository
Commitment to positive impact

We believe everyone is responsible for making the world a better place, and we partnered with premier institutions in many initiatives to incentivize research, philanthropy and education in the Life Sciences sector. Our equipment is eco-conscious, with energy efficient freezers and investments in electric semis.

National and international footprint

We started with 100,000 square foot warehouse in the Boston metro, and continue to add capacity all the time!

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