At Tobin Scientific, our Biorepository facilities and services marry state-of-the-art cold storage and stringent control, ensuring optimal preservation of clinical research, cryogenic, and biological specimens. Our unwavering commitment to reliability and security lets you concentrate on your most important task: driving scientific innovation.
cold chain illustrationA diagram of the cold chain temperatures available
cold chain illustration

Proprietary cold storage facilities and service with redundant layers of protection

Single-Source Biorepository Solutions

Tobin Scientific, your trusted partner for sample preservation, provides expert biorepository services in specialized facilities. Our comprehensive solutions, including rigorous temperature control, efficient inventory management, and adherence to cGMP, 21 CFR Part 11, and other regulations, are fortified by patented transport options for all your needs. We ensure the safekeeping of your research at all times by guaranteeing unparalleled storage and transport services with an unwavering focus on safety.

Innovative Cold Storage Environments with Triple-Layered Power

Our state-of-the-art cold storage solutions include -80°C, LN2, and other environments, as well as accommodate extensive material volumes, demonstrating our ability to cater to varied storage needs. Our robust backup power system, comprising two on-site generators and a third portable one, ensures seamless operations. With the additional support from our fleet of generator trailers, we maintain an unbroken chain of custody and provide an extra layer of security, prepared for any potential emergencies any time.

Multi-path alert systems

Gain peace of mind with our rapid and reliable response systems. Alarm notifications are sent via multiple channels, including email and text alerts. Additionally, dedicated 24-hour service troubleshoots on-call teams until response is confirmed. Our meticulous processes and SOP's reflects our unwavering dedication to client service.

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