Summer Temperature Mapping Study Completed in Billerica

Advancing the gold standard in GMP storage with meticulous temperature mapping at our newest facility
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We're excited to share the successful completion of our recent summer temperature mapping study at Tobin Scientific’s newest GMP facility. This accomplishment not only strengthens our commitment to sensor accuracy but also demonstrates our unwavering resolve to maintain the integrity of vital materials and consumables. This is but a single step in our mission which considers meticulous temperature and conditioning controls across a diverse portfolio of storage environments.

The Importance of Temperature Mapping in BioPharma Storage

In sectors like life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, temperature mapping isn’t just a protocol—it’s a necessity. Minor temperature fluctuations can substantially impact the safety and efficacy of stored materials. Our stringent quality controls enable us to deliver secure and exact temperature-sensitive storage solutions you can trust.

Explore Our Newest GMP Billerica Site

Our Billerica campus is a testament to our dedication to precision, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We invite you to tour this state-of-the-art, 75,000-square-foot campus to see our rigorous operations up close, including GMP storage, GMP biorepository, and Non-GMP storage. Or reach out to learn more about our diverse range of temperature and storage solutions.

A Nationwide Commitment to Excellence

Tobin Scientific sets itself apart with a fully integrated service model, combining our extensive network of conditioned facilities with a fully-owned fleet of trucks. This synergy ensures a seamless, single-source solution for the custody and transportation of all your critical materials.

Connect With Us

At Tobin Scientific, we go beyond being just a service provider. We are your strategic partner, committed to safeguarding the integrity of your critical materials and consumables, while also offering an expansive suite of other tailored services. Whether your needs are location-centric or focus on specialized solutions, we invite you to reach out for a detailed consultation.

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