Tobin Scientific Deploys Advanced Temperature Monitoring

Proud to Offers Customers A New Controlled Environment With Advanced Temperature Reporting for Their Valuable, Temperature-Sensitive Healthcare Products.
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Peabody, MA: Tobin Scientific announced this week the completed deployment and successful validation of a new temperature controlled and monitored area installed in its Peabody MA warehouse location. The warehouse features a new system, developed by Tobin engineers and Tobin technology partners, offering clients a CFR part 11 compliant temperature controlled warehouse space with real time live read of 15C to 25C and redundant HVAC. Monitoring can be accessed via an app clients load onto their Apple or Android devices which will provide them 24/7/365 readings to satisfy their validation and compliance data requirements. The system is now also fully deployed in the Tobin Scientific biorepository at the main headquarters in Beverly MA and is fully compatible with the pre-existing monitoring technologies in-place, as well as the monitoring systems within the fleets of mobile biorepository trailers and mobile cold room trailers.

Tobin Scientific is a well-known name in the biopharma transportation industry, called upon for temperature controlled storage, ongoing pick-and-pack shipments and large temperature regulated & monitored shipments – all unique benefits offered to shippers and consignees of regulated products. The Peabody facility joins their main headquarters in Beverly MA as well as a new Salem MA facility. All are strategically located within just 20 miles north of Logan Airport, with now two of the three sites offering customers a validated, temperature controlled environment for their valuable, temperature sensitive healthcare products.

“We are extremely pleased with the results and performance data from our new temperature reporting technologies installation at our Peabody location” remarked Tobin Scientific’s CEO, Brian Tobin. “This new approach will give our customers the real time access to data on their phones that they have grown accustomed to receiving from so many of their day-to-day device interactions. What’s more, this implementation allows Tobin Scientific much more flexibility in offering two validated, scalable locations that can be tailored to clients’ individual needs and scopes.”

About Tobin Scientific: Tobin Scientific, the nation’s only fully integrated, single-source provider of life science laboratory relocation, is a division of Tobin & Sons Moving and Storage based in Beverly MA. The company holds patents and specializes in frozen biological and cryogenic transportation, repository, and temperature-controlled storage. Founded in 1960, Tobin & Sons Moving and Storage is consistently ranked among the top five largest moving and storage companies in the Boston area.