Pharmaceutical Client

Comprehensive Freezer Inventory Management for a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company
Pharmaceutical Client


Our client, a multinational pharmaceutical company at the forefront of innovation, partnered with Tobin Scientific to gain visibility into their extensive ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer inventory.


With over two hundred ULT freezers filled with critical samples, the client had lost track of their inventory. The lack of an up-to-date, comprehensive inventory system resulted in inefficiencies and a significant amount of valuable space being underutilized.


Our team at Tobin Scientific carried out an exhaustive onsite inventory of every freezer, right down to the cell culture box level. With some chambers containing over 400 boxes, the task was substantial. We collated all the data using our advanced inventory management software, providing detailed reports on the contents and box locations for all freezers.


The client was ecstatic with the outcome. Armed with our comprehensive inventory report, they identified that up to 80% of their inventory could be purged due to the lack of future use for the material. This exercise not only freed up dozens of -80 freezers for use in other departments, but also allowed the client to utilize our inventory system for the material they retained.

Thanks to Tobin Scientific's meticulous work, the client now has a clear understanding of their freezer inventory. They have significantly improved their efficiency, opened up valuable space for new projects, and have a robust system in place for future inventory management.

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