Frozen Biological Transport

We assume liability for the transport of both infectious and noninfectious biological substances. Our team uses industry-leading cold chain technologies to mitigate risk by limiting exposure to ambient temperatures.

Tobin Scientific has designed and built a set of custom vehicles including redundant generator temperature-controlled trailers and validated temperature-controlled trailers. The redundant generator temperature-controlled trailer units are outfitted with 110v – 220v electrical plugs for freezers and refrigerators to ensure continuity. We provide IQ/OQ cGMP/cGLP calibrated temperature monitoring systems and real-time, live readings at -196°C through 60°C. We also have a fleet of validated trailers for the transport or storage of 2°C to 8°C and -20°C product.


Validated Trailers

Technical Specifications

Temperature Monitoring System

  • IQ / OQ Validated
  • cGMP / cGLP Compliant
  • Wireless System

Reefer Unit

  • Refrigerates trailer unit and circulates air
  • Maintains optimum operating temperature for freezers
  • Shore power capability

Electrical System

  • 200 Amp Service within trailer – 110 volts and 220-volt service
  • Shore Power Capabilities
  • Provides clean electrical power
  • Eliminates diesel fumes in enclosed dock environments (Requires 100 Amp, 4 Wire, 3 Pole 125 / 250 volt service – Plug type: 4100 R12W Leviton)


  • 2 custom, built-in generators
  • Provides Redundant System –
    both diesel and electrical power

Transfer Switch

  • Automatically identifies a power failure to the generator
  • Instantly switches to redundant generator without losing power to freezers
  • Eliminates potential for human error
  • Maintains the integrity of biological substances stored in freezers

Lift Gate

  • 4,400 lb self-leveling liftgate for ground pick up and delivery
  • 8 x 8 foot platform
  • No dock? No problem.

LN2 freezers

  • 230 Liter LN2 tank to supply LN2 freezers and dewars
  • Oxygen sensors keep our drivers safe

Back-up Fridge / Freezer units

  • Assorted freezer units available to provide back up for any job
  • Back up units to temp in case of emergency transfer of samples
  • Refrigerators/freezers include,
    – 20c Freezers, – 80c Freezers, 4c Refrigerator

Short Term Back-up Repository

  • Perfect for the short term, onsite storage
  • The truck is capable of providing power back-up to the main building

Compliance Team Includes

  • Legal Transportation Specialist
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Independent Health and 
    Safety Consultant
  • Chemical Consultant

Drivers & Employees

  • Trained and tested in compliance with 49 CFR 172.704 for transportation of hazardous materials by surface
  • Class A HazMat endorsed
  • Receive Ongoing Health and
    Safety Training

Emergency Response Support

  • Provide self powered repository
  • Transport frozen biological
    substances off site


  • Patent: US10, 551, 115 B2
  • US Department of Transportation special permits to transport Hazardous Materials
    (49 CFR 172.101)
  • Non Infectious biological substances
  • UN2900 Infectious substances, affecting animals only
    Hazard Class/Division 6.2
  • UN2814 Infectious substances, affecting humans Hazard Class/Division 6.2
  • UN3373 Biological substances, Category B Hazard Class/Division 6.2

Lab Relocation

Sample integrity, safety, and regulatory compliance, combined with the best practices of national transportation, are the cornerstones of our customer-centric approach to full lab relocations of equipment, biological substances, and pharmaceuticals.

Patent: US10, 551, 115 B2



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