Lab Relocation

Tobin Scientific is known industry wide as the vanguard of multi-redundant GDP and QMS systems for care, custody and control in biotransport and storage. Specifically for lab relocation, we have designed, built and hold a patent in the design of custom, redundant generator temperature-controlled trailers. Each mobile biorepository trailer is IQ / OQ Validated and cGMP / cGLP Compliant. Coupled with our proprietary temperature monitoring, real time reporting, and multiple layers of redundant power backup, you can rest assured that your samples are cared for 100% while in our custody.

All Tobin Scientific drivers who handle your lab relocation are tenured professionals exhaustively trained in the unique idiosyncrasies of an enormous variety of lab equipment, in order for them to triage any customer equipment failures in the field. Our team is ready for and frequently executes point-to-point lab relocations from various points of origin within the United States. We are coast-to-coast in as little as 50 hours with 24/7 live-manned transport thanks to our two-man drive teams and alarmed sleeper cabs. 

To discuss the scope of your lab relocation needs, Contact Us and a Certified Life Science Project Manager will respond to you, usually within minutes.

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Validated Trailers

Tobin redundant generator temperature-controlled trailer units are outfitted with 110v – 220v electrical plugs for freezers and refrigerators to ensure continuity. They provide temperature monitoring systems and real-time, live readings at -196°C through 60°C. See our further specifications below which detail how we can easily accommodate your lab relocation needs and do so as a single-source provider.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Monitoring System

  • IQ / OQ Validated
  • cGMP / cGLP Compliant
  • Wireless System

Reefer Unit

  • Refrigerates trailer unit and circulates air
  • Maintains optimum operating temperature for freezers
  • Shore power capability

Electrical System

  • 200 Amp Service within trailer – 110 volts and 220-volt service
  • Shore Power Capabilities
  • Provides clean electrical power
  • Eliminates diesel fumes in enclosed dock environments (Requires 100 Amp, 4 Wire, 3 Pole 125 / 250 volt service – Plug type: 4100 R12W Leviton)


  • 2 custom, built-in generators
  • Provides Redundant System –
    both diesel and electrical power

Transfer Switch

  • Automatically identifies a power failure to the generator
  • Instantly switches to redundant generator without losing power to freezers
  • Eliminates potential for human error
  • Maintains the integrity of biological substances stored in freezers

Lift Gate

  • 4,400 lb self-leveling liftgate for ground pick up and delivery
  • 8 x 8 foot platform
  • No dock? No problem.

LN2 freezers

  • 230 Liter LN2 tank to supply LN2 freezers and dewars
  • Oxygen sensors keep our drivers safe

Back-up Fridge / Freezer units

  • Assorted freezer units available to provide back up for any job
  • Back up units to temp in case of emergency transfer of samples
  • Refrigerators/freezers include,
    – 20c Freezers, – 80c Freezers, 4c Refrigerator

Short Term Back-up Repository

  • Perfect for the short term, onsite storage
  • The truck is capable of providing power back-up to the main building

Compliance Team Includes

  • Legal Transportation Specialist
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Independent Health and 
    Safety Consultant
  • Chemical Consultant

Drivers & Employees

  • Trained and tested in compliance with 49 CFR 172.704 for transportation of hazardous materials by surface
  • Class A HazMat endorsed
  • Receive Ongoing Health and
    Safety Training

Emergency Response Support

  • Provide self powered repository
  • Transport frozen biological
    substances off site


  • Patent: US10, 551, 115 B2
  • US Department of Transportation special permits to transport Hazardous Materials
    (49 CFR 172.101)
  • Non Infectious biological substances
  • UN2900 Infectious substances, affecting animals only
    Hazard Class/Division 6.2
  • UN2814 Infectious substances, affecting humans Hazard Class/Division 6.2
  • UN3373 Biological substances, Category B Hazard Class/Division 6.2

Lab Relocation

Sample integrity, safety, and regulatory compliance, combined with the best practices of national transportation, are the cornerstones of our customer-centric approach to full lab relocations of equipment, biological substances, and pharmaceuticals.

Patent: US10, 551, 115 B2



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