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Tobin Scientific's ULT transport services utilize the finest technologies and team to ensure the safety of your biological material during transport. With national coverage and a steadfast commitment to enabling scientific progress, we free you to concentrate on what's most crucial: advancing science.
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Single-source biological transport & logistics with national coverage

Patented ULT trailers

Our state-of-the-art ultra-low temperature (ULT) generator trailers are specifically engineered for the transport of biological materials. Providing service across North America, our robust fleet accommodates any volume of samples, maintaining exclusive custody — we never commingle or outsource. Our trailers feature advanced electrical solutions, including 110v – 220v outlets and multiple power sources, ensuring unparalleled reliability. With proprietary and patented enhancements designed for the utmost protection, your research remains secure in our hands.

Real time monitoring and control

Experience the peace of mind that comes from our ULT generator trailer's real-time monitoring system. Leveraging proprietary processes and validated equipment, we provide constant, live readings ranging from -196°C to 60°C, protecting the integrity of your research throughout transport. What's more, our highly skilled team of professionals, including our dedicated drivers, maintains continuous custody and oversight, ensuring not only safe and secure transport, but also optimized schedules tailored to your needs.

Unparalleled compliance and customer experience

As a pioneer in specialized cold transport, we consistently set industry standards and adhere rigorously to a multitude of regulations. We are fully licensed, amply equipped, and richly experienced in managing and transporting both infectious and non-infectious biological material. With our own fleet and trained personnel, we maintain complete custody and control, ensuring optimal compliance and a personalized, unparalleled service experience.

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